What is a Counter depth Refrigerator?

By on February 24, 2018
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Counter depth refrigerators have gained some considerable popularity over time. This is mainly because of the elegant kitchen look it offers in a good budget. Also, a counter depth refrigerator costs around three times lesser than the built-in fridges, but more than a classic fridge. This post will help you know the all the information from “what is a Counter depth refrigerator” to “Counter depth vs Standard depth comparison”.

What is a Counter depth refrigerator?

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A counter depth refrigerator is a fridge of depth between 24 to 26 inches. This dimensional configuration makes it easy to integrate this appliance into the cabinets. It is also known as cabinet depth refrigerators. You can use a counter-depth unit to make over your kitchen and improve the overall design.

Now that you know what is a Counter depth refrigerator, its time to dig a little deeper.

Unlike standard refrigerators, you won’t see a counter-depth fridge jutting out several inches out of the cabinet. However, one thing you should know is that all of the counter depth refrigerators have different dimensions. Depth varies based on the brand, or more specifically the manufacturer of that refrigeration unit. For instance, a 24 inch counter depth could extend to as much as 30 inches depending upon the size of handles, doors, and backsplash.

24 inches is basically the box-depth (depth without doors) of a counter depth refrigerator. Read the complete guide on Counter depth refrigerator dimensions to know about the measurements.

What are the different Styles of counter depth refrigerator configurations?

Many changes are done in the design of counter refrigerators, but there are majorly four different types of refrigerator design and configuration based on the freezer location. Another basis of differentiation includes the capacity and counter depth refrigerator dimensions.

French door-

A French door counter depth refrigerator is the most popular among all of the configurations. It has four different doors for reducing the air escape. A newer adaptation of French door is a four-door refrigerator.

Side by side-

After French door comes to the side by side counter depth refrigerator, which by the way is easier to see in a small kitchen. There are two different compartments doors with freezer being on the left side. Side by side counter depth needs lesser door swing which helps with the opening space.

Top mount freezer-

A top mount counter-depth refrigerator has a freezer compartment at the top of the appliance and the refrigerator area below it. The good thing about top-freezer is the budget effectiveness and more extended lifeline. Also, it fits comfortably in smaller cabinets.

Bottom mount freezer-

As the name indicates, a bottom mount has a freezer compartment in the bottom part.

What are the different Types of Counter depth refrigerators?

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Another way of differentiating in refrigerators is- based on the design, instead of the freezer location. There are four different types of refrigerators that you need to know about.

Regular Counter depth refrigerator-

Regular counter depth refrigerators can be found in dimensions- 30, 33 and 36 inches (widths). These refrigerators are used for the non-commercial purpose, i.e. in kitchens. You can find a regular counter refrigerator for as low as $1000. See this Haier 4 door refrigerator for example.

Professional Counter depth refrigerator-

Professional or built-in refrigerators are more often found in restaurants and used for commercial purpose. You can use this style for setting up a professional kitchen with a built-in look. The compressor is usually present on the uppermost part in professional counter-depth fridges. You can find professional counter-depths sizing 42 inches and more significant widths as well; this is to manage the inner space.

They are usually much more expensive and could cost you from $10,000 to $15000 to find a good professional counter depth refrigerator. Thermador and Jenn-air are the two most valuable products on the market. Alternatively, Sub-zero is a great option for more performance packed units. See this kitchenaid refrigerator for example.

Integrated counter depth refrigerator-

Integrated refrigerators are most-expensive appliances. Integrated counter depth fridges are used for creating high end, luxurious kitchens. They are designed to fit perfectly into the cabinets and make the kitchen look clean and customize. Built- in fridges are available in width of dimension as low as 18 inches; it helps the refrigerator to integrate into the cabinets smoothly.

Integrated units mix with the kitchen cabinets and don’t look as an extra addition.

I would again recommend Sub zero if you are going for an integrated refrigerator. They have the most durable compartments, dual compressor system and NASA designed air purification system for longevity.

Standard depth or Classic refrigerator

Standard depth refrigerators are a budget-friendly fridge with classic design and depth. A Standard depth fridge could be your option if you have tight space in your apartment kitchen. Counter depth refrigerator dimensions are much more as compared to the standard fridges, but the capacity of a regular refrigerator is more than a counter depth refrigerator.

Capacity range of different counter depth refrigerators

When it comes to counter depth refrigerators, capacities are varied based on the configuration of a refrigerator.

Type of counter depth refrigerator                                             (configuration)Capacity  (cubic feet)
French door 22-28
Side by side 23-26
Top freezer 10-20
Bottom freezer 12-19

Counter depth vs Standard depth refrigerator-

Now that you know the essential things about the counter depth refrigerator, here is a comparison based on different features provided by the two different depth fridges to help you know which one would be a better fit for your home. Here are the three main features to know what is counter depth refrigerator offering over Standard depth refrigerator, or vice versa.

Design– A standard depth refrigerator will be jutting 5-8 inches out of the kitchen cabinet. This could make your kitchen less elegant and won’t be a good fit for those with smaller kitchens. However, a cabinet depth fridge is designed to get embedded into the kitchen cabinets. A counter depth refrigerator is mainly used by those with less kitchen space.

Capacity– Capacity of a counter depth refrigerator is lesser than that of the standard depth refrigerators. This is mainly because of reduced depth.

Cost– The cost of a counter depth refrigerator is more than that of the regular depth refrigerators. But again if you are looking for a built-in fridge, counter depth refrigerator would be a 3x cost-efficient alternative.

Bottom line- While there are a lot of brands for buying a counter depth refrigerator, there is no all-rounder brand. You will find counter fridges with different features from different brands. Take a look at this post featuring some of the Best counter depth refrigerators.

If you still remember what is a counter depth refrigerator then you know everything you need to know about counter refrigerators. If you think I have left something, or have some questions, feel free to drop them in the comment below.

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