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​Internet is full of useful information; however, finding the most accurate details could be a bit tricky at times. This is because you not only need to research the topic well, but also ensure that it is backed/cited by a reliable source.

Another thing other than accuracy that creates complexity is the language problem. A particular source is limited to people with the understanding of that language and those with other languages are unable to use that specific web page.

While English is the most spoken language in the world, it still becomes a barrier for those who are non-native, beginners, or those without English fluency. For those with insufficient understanding, English could create problem interpreting a technical advice or a scientific phenomena. Improper Language interpretation could especially affect legal details.

Many webmasters try going for a multilingual website, but it is really hard to setup unless you are a web development expert and could do it for every new page. Additionally, there are many language configuration and structural issues that could ruin your multilingual pages. 

So, next option for finding the meaning of a foreign language is using Google translator, but believe us it is not something you would want to do. Google translator works best for short words query. Using it for long form content could create a lot of hidden mistakes, and even make its sentences meaningless. This is why it is really important to get a human translated content piece. User generated text will not only make your content readable for foreign users, but also allow you to extend the number of readers. Human translated text provides more value than a machine translation.

Why is Human translation better online translation?

Languages for translation

Google translation algorithms have specific upgrades to improve its working, but that only makes it more readable. These translations have a lot of mistakes in-between the text arrangement of auto translated content. These mistakes are hidden and could potentially change the meaning of your sentences. So, the best thing to do when it comes to translation is to find a professional agency for translating your texts.

Now we do understand that it costs a lot of buck for hiring a professional translation agency and a good team is often hard to find, so the best choice to go about is getting help from volunteers. We have a team of volunteers for translating texts. But there are many translation requests, and so you need to make your project as interesting as possible for attracting more volunteers.

Volunteer-translated-work (despite the developed AI and revolutionized machines) is still a better choice than a machine-based-translation. Prior is more readable, better understandable, and easily interpretable. 

How we prioritize and what languages do we offer?

Priority for translation

We are majorly interested in non-commercial organizations. We have a team of volunteers from around the globe that translates the work. But it would help if you describe your project interestingly. These translators works voluntarily and do not get any monitory compensation for their work. Thus we cannot guarantee to translate your work or adhere to a specific deadline. However, we will try our best to deliver your work as soon as possible. 

How to drop a translation request?

We try to provide translation for almost all of the languages. If you represent a non business entity and think that our volunteers can help you with your project, feel free to drop your request. Simply enter the appropriate details in the form given below. You can also send us your request or follow up your submission by emailing on 

Volunteers in our team carefully read all the projects. However, we would appreciate if you use English language when filling the details. This will make the processing easier for us. Our team will reach back within 24-42 hours of getting a submission.

We consider all of the requests submitted to us. We aren’t obliged to translate every submission, but we will probably translate your text if it is- interesting, useful, curious or not too long.

Terms and conditions

  • We reserve the rights to accept or decline any request sent to us based on the availability of volunteers
  • You can use the translation on your own web page if you let us keep it here on our website (hosted by us)
  • We would appreciate if you mention the link to translated page in your original work 
  • We do not accept any paid requests.
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Note- If you are a volunteer and want to join us in the process of helping the non-profit organizations, submit us your application along with your qualifications on

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