Enlighten Infrared Sauna (Ultimate Analysis)

By on June 10, 2021
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Are you looking for an unbiased analysis on Enlighten infrared sauna? Read on to know everything. 

Infrared Saunas are one of the many health products that are increasingly growing popular. And while there are multiple companies, one of them is Enlighten Infrared Saunas better known as Enlighten Sauna. 

They offer a wide range of infrared saunas for multiple health therapies, but what makes their products unique? Are they reliable? How much do they cost?

In this post, we are going to be reviewing Enlighten infrared sauna. 

Let’s begin! 

What’s Infrared Sauna?

For those who don’t know, an infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to heat up your body, unlike traditional saunas that heat the air which in turn heat up your body. The best part is that the infrared rays (far/near/away) can be used to target specific health issues. 

There are in fact credible studies showcasing the benefits of infrared sauna. 

What is Enlighten Sauna? 

Enlighten Sauna

Enlighten Sauna is a popular USA based company manufacturing high quality infrared saunas. 

The California based company put a lot of research into creating a perfect Infrared Sauna. They offer a perfect blend of luxury and usefulness. Unlike most of the other infrared sauna manufacturers, they created a hybrid model that offers all types of rays, meaning their infrared sauna can be used for any of the therapy.

The Enlighten Sauna company has been operating since 2001 and so you can rely on their quality. Another great thing about Enlighten infrared sauna is that their hybrid model can be used both indoor as well as outdoor.

Enlighten Infrared sauna features

  • Enlighten infrared sauna is built with eco-friendly cedar wood that makes it both long lasting and solid.
  • Enlighten infrared sauna models offer a full spectrum (far/near/away) so you can have all types of therapies.
  • Also, you no longer need to pay for those expensive therapies costing $200 to $300 based on the type of treatment or therapy.
  • This infrared sauna offers an ergonomic design, so you can keep up your body posture.
  • The built in music system and speaker lets you enjoy and relax at the same time.
  • Enlighten Sauna offers white glove installations to specific pin codes.

What are the products offered by Enlighten Infrared Saunas?

Enlighten Infrared Sauna

Enlighten Sauna offers a wide variety of product categories depending upon your needs.

Infrared Sauna models with design variations for 2/3/4/5 persons or custom

  • Sierra (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Rustic (Indoor/outdoor)

Hybrid sauna

  • Sapphire saunas
  • Diamond Saunas

Traditional sauna

  • Moonlight sauna
  • Sunrise Sauna

Plus they also offer heaters and other sauna accessories.

The good and bad of Enlighten Sauna

Now it's time to talk about the pros and cons of using an enlightened infrared sauna.

First the good part -

  • Enlightened infrared saunas offer tons of health benefits like long lasting pain relief, faster injury recovery,    weight loss, lowering blood pressure, stress relief, full body detox, chronic fatigue syndrome, improved          digestion and more.
  • Beautiful design or indoor and outdoor space
  • Standard flat roof for easily converting an outdoor unit into an indoor unit.
  • Enlighten Sauna offers worldwide shipment and finance options.

The cons of Enlighten Sauna

  • Enlighten Sauna takes a bit of manufacturing time a month or so, if the selected unit isn't available.
  • White glove installation only available for selected regions. 

Enlighten Sauna Reviews/ Reputation

Overall, Enlighten Infrared sauna has mostly a positive experience. The worst cases are a bit of delay due to the pandemic, but after reviewing ratings on multiple platforms, I’m confident enough to recommend Enlighten Sauna company to my readers. Here are the platforms on 

  • Trustpilot - 4.3/5
  • Yelp - 4/5
  • BBB - 3.67/5

How much does Enlighten Infrared Sauna cost?

Enlighten Sauna offers tons of infrared saunas and their cost varies based on the size (2 person, 3 person or other), model and delivery location. 

Their products cost between $5,000 to $10,000. Most of the users prefer the Rustic model because of its elegant design. You can buy yours on ComfyIsle. They offer free delivery for all locations. 

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COVID-19 Updates

Due to Corona Crisis all of the companies are affected economically. And while they are trying their best to deliver the products, the safety standards needs to be followed. You should expect a delay in products. Currently the fastest delivery rate I'm noticing is for Amazon.com.

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