Best Refrigerators 2018

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Refrigerator is the second most energy consuming appliance in a home. Whether it’s a French door or a bottom freezer, you will always need to select a model that fits your needs. Some refrigerators are good at extreme cooling, others offers advanced options. Check the design configuration you want, its dimensions and related info.

Here are some of the very best refrigerators in 2018. I have arranged each appliance with an additional listing to give you all the options and help make a choice.  

GE PFE28PSKSS- Best French Door Refrigerator 

Silver color refrigerator

GE PFE28PSKSS is an elegant appliance packed with awesome features and a smart water dispenser. Temperature controlled drawer is not the best, but overall cooling is appreciable. GE profile series will offer you good features, is easy to clean, and does have exterior dispenser.

Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ- Best Side-by-Side refrigerator 

whirlpool Side by side refrigerator model 2018

Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ is a good quality side-by-side under $2000. Whirlpool is one of the most reliable brands and most of their issues are design related. Like their other units, WES588FIHZ offers nice cooling performance. So consider this model if you want a budge friendly pick in side by side configuration.

Kenmore Elite 79043 – Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 

Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator

Kenmore Elite 79043 is so far the best rated bottom freezer refrigerator featuring all the storage options in the refrigerator compartment. Purchase this energy star qualified to make your kitchen more elegant and have easy access to all the produce.

Maytag MRT118FZEM- Best Top Freezer Refrigerator

Maytag top mount fridge

Maytag being a Whirlpool owned company offers reliability and design flexibility. MRT118FZEM is a top mount refrigerator with high cooling power. With the capacity of around 20 cubic feet storage and an optional EZ connect icemaker, you will have all the groceries space you want. LED lighting is designed for saving energy, but there energy star rating isn’t there. Get this unit, if you want a fridge that fits both the budget as well the space.

Kenmore Smart 75043- Best Counter Depth Refrigerator 

Kenmore counter depth refrigerator

Kenmore Smart 75043 is a cost effective French door bottom mount appliance that you will definitely love. It offers a high end look in lower price. You will get all the smart features in this cabinet depth unit. Check this refrigerator if you want to add an attractive counter depth unit.

Daewoo FR-044RCNM- Best Small Refrigerator 

Daewoo open door

Getting a refrigerator for your bedroom or additional storage purpose is always a good choice. Daewoo FR-044RCNM is a 4.4 cf fridge under $500 and has most of the features you would want.

Ivation IV-FWCT121B- Best Wine Refrigerator

I have added this pick specifically for wine lovers. Ivation IV-FWCT121B is a quiet operation appliance. You can use it to store both the red as well as white wines. It's a slim, freestanding design, so you could place it anywhere in your home.

My purpose for creating this site is to help users to- find and select the right refrigerator. I’m an appliance expert (had my own appliance store a while ago). I have so far reviewed best performing small refrigerators, counter fridges, wine coolers and air purifiers as well. I hope my content helped you make a decision. Feel free to get in touch via contact form if you are facing problem in finding the right fridge for you. You can also email me directly on
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